Graduation (part 6 of 6)

Congratulations! If you’ve made it through the all five sections you should have a terrific understanding of the industry, some of the marketing practices, and perhaps situations to avoid.

Moving forward, we’ll state the obvious:

  • Check references: The “BBB” or “Better Business Bureau” is a great resource. But these days you can also find a great deal by researching via search engines, social sites such as Facebook, etc.
  • Expect full-disclosure: A Merchant Account provider is a business partner, and should behave in such a manner. They should act as your advocate and help you design a prudent payment processing solution. If you get the feeling that a Merchant Account provider isn’t telling you everything, consider another candidate.
  • We’d like the opportunity to talk to you about your business needs. We have a great team of stellar agents, and support staff in addition to a comprehensive inventory. We think you’ll like the way we do business.

The Merchant Academy – Consumer Series

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