At 1st National we are always pleased to hear about the positive experiences our customers have with us. Special thanks to the many who have chosen 1st National Payment Solutions as their partner. The collection of quotes below represent a small sample of these testimonials from our valued customers.

I am very pleased with the service and the fees. I am not big, ‘yet’ but plan on being so and your service is wonderful.


Jan Robinson
Jewels by Jan


Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how pleased I was with the services provided by members of your team in Syosset, thank Ron and Josh. Ron was extremely helpful in providing us with the assistance we required and by providing Josh to rectify the problem. A new piece was required for our POS machine and we received it overnight on Friday in time for one of our big sales weekends. Thanks to them, we did not have to try knuckle busting our way through. In addition, Josh was able to retrieve some of the lost receipts from the weekend prior when the machine started giving us problems, that had gone from S&F, to S&F Decline and then off the machine completely.

Thanks again to your team. I always recommend your organization highly and will continue to do so .

Reno Vanier

Hello! Thank you for your email and I want to express how very pleased I am to have my merchant account with you. One of the many benefits of doing business with National Processing is your 24/7 technical support.

I’ve called for assistance a number of times and in each case, received help from a technical support person that listened intently to my problem and then gave me precise instructions to correct it.

I’m completely satisfied with your service and am happy to recommend your services to my fellow artists.


Robert S. Bunton, artist

Steve Bunton Stoneware

We maintain a merchant account so we can accept cards at outdoor art festivals a few times a year. Those few shows can account for a large percentage of our annual gross; they are very important to us. We never know how our wireless terminal will perform until we’re on location, and if there are problems, we call the tech support line.

I’m happy to report we have had consistently high quality service: prompt, friendly, competent, courteous, and patient. They seem to truly care about getting us up and running.

Best Regards,

Steve Eichenberger


Just want to Thank You for the great service from your company. Any tech support, anytime I had a problem, anytime I called for information, to purchase any items, I was always met with prompt service, great professionalism, & good service reps. Any problems with my equipment were quickly addressed & fixed. I only have the best things to say about about your company.

Thanks for your great service all these years!

Roni Todd

Shiny Stuff Gifts

In the past year I have received some excellent service from your staff. Having problems filing out my SAQ, I called and Chrystal took care of it over the phone. In minutes the SAQ was finished and I printed out my information. Thank you for such service. I have been very satisfied with other services and having compared it with fellow business friends, I find that your rates are the best. Please continue.

Judy Sims

Koochie’s Krafts

I want to thank you. I have had nothing but great service from your employees and support staff. I don’t know what I would do with out their help! Thanks again!

Deborah La Fogg-Docherty

Art by La Fogg

Dear Mr. DiGiovanni:

I just wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with your staff. Mr. Steven Ballan really assisted me in my “big” decision when I needed to replace my Visa ®/MasterCard machine and processor. I kept calling him and he was always very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and very honest with me. Because of these reason, I decided to go with your company. I am only a small company; however, that didn’t seem to matter to Mr. Ballan, as his only concern was in helping me. I also had to speak with your technical support staff and they too have really helped me.

Thank you for selecting the great staff you have to represent your organization.


June L Haupt

June’s Gifts

Dear Mike:

Just a quick note to let you know your representative “Josh” in Tech Support is awesome! I remembered I had talked to Josh before and called him. Talk about professional, knowledgeable, polite and patient! WOW! I am always impressed with good service because it is almost NON-Existent anymore. Anyway, you need 20 more of him because he didn’t miss a beat and I was damn impressed. I hope he is there to help me next time I call. Have a great day, he just make mine!

Jacqueline Nall

Jbangles Designs


I talked with. Raul this morning and he said the new unit is out and those orders are all processed. Again want to say how impressed I am with your and 1st nationals handling and attitude regarding this issue. Thanks!!

Brian Pfeiffer

Design ATEA


I just wanted you to let Stephen and everyone else that has helped me know, that we had great success with our first show on Saturday. Our second customer went from a $6.00 sale to a $70.00 sale when she found out we took credit cards! That was pretty neat.

We keyed in and batched with no problems at all. Thanks to everyone for the great customer service and support.

Candie Fry


Thank you so much for making this so painless after the horrible experience I’ve been through with previous provider. I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any questions or concerns after my terminal arrives.

Marty Moon

Early Times Workshop

Dear Devin:

Here is an email to thank you for the great friendly service!

Greetings from:



I have only used the Exadigm for my show last December, and I loved it…..

Beyond that, I may be your best salesman…. I truly decided to stay with 1NP last fall when I made the change from the Nurit to the Exadigm because of the service you all provide. When I signed up with you 5+ years ago you took a great deal of YOUR time to answer all my questions. This last time around, not only did you answer all of my questions, but your staff was completely capable of answering my questions and solving all of the technical “problems” to my complete satisfaction. I like the ability to access you and/or your staff on a 24/7 basis so that I can stay in business whenever I am doing a show.

Example: My previous webhost sold. I had some technical questions over the weekend about my website and called the new host….. they were closed on weekends….. GAME OVER!

There are certain service businesses that have to be available to attend to their clients all the time. You and 1NP are truly a service business, and more than that…. A damn good service business….

All the best,

Storied Woods

Ivy Shuman Jr.


Just wanted to thank you again for your assistance. It’s people like you that can make or break the business they are in. So many times I’ve called for assistance at different company’s and got nowhere. You are a credit to your company and through your help to me personally, I feel much better about the new world I have just entered using my Nurit 3010. Thanks again, especially for your condensed version of how to use the system.


Ken Daviss

Davis Metal Creations

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for helping me out with merchant account cancellation fee. It was so nice to be able to speak to someone capable who took ownership of the situation! You can bet if I am ever in need of processing services again, you are the one I will call.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Pamela Glose

Silk Artist

Dear Michael,

I would like to congratulate you and your staff on a wonderful customer service job. My account has been a difficult one at best in recent weeks. You and your staff, especially Steve Ballan, did not give up on my circumstances and did what needed to be done to clear my account. I would also like to thank you for helping me verify a way to test my website’s ability to process transactions that would not jeopardize my future account status. I truly believe you and your company is “in it for the long haul” and cares about developing long term relationships that make companies great. If you need any further recommendations or quotes concerning your skills as customer service experts, please let me know.


Scott Peveto, Owner


Dear Michael,

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for your help today. Customer service is my pet peeve and when I receive it, I appreciate it!

Thanks again.


Bev Brock Alexander

Beyond Gourmet

Dear Michael,

Thanks again for all of the great service. I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate everything–I feel that I got the best service anywhere and that I also got a great deal on everything. I plan on using you for all of my startups in the future–you and Charge Solutions are a great team.

Very Satisfied Customer,

Mark Fabich

Fabich Creations LLC

Dear Michael,

I am very happy with the service and support that we are getting. I recommend you to others at the shows that ask questions, or seem to have a need for your services. I want to give special recognition to Josh, who has been so patient, helpful, and pleasant. He is definitely a positive asset to your organization. I want to tell you the credit card machine has performed much better than expected. I am very pleasantly surprised with this machine. It works online at the big convention centers, no problem. We do shows in the Myrtle Beach, Raleigh, Atlanta areas. Only once in a field in a hole was I not able to get reception, but it has the store and forward feature so it was not a problem. The support is good, (Josh especially) it has been a pleasant and profitable experience for us. I remember that when I was signing up, there was some reluctance on my part not to get tied into a long contract. You assured me that you wanted to keep me as a satisfied customer, and you have obviously done that quite well.

Thank You,

Robert Wilson

BWW Jewelry


Hi. I have had occasion to use your tech help twice. I must say how appreciative I am of the fast expert help I received. It is refreshing to see real service.

Thank you very much.

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes Leather

In this day and age when ”customer support” is almost non-existent, it is rewarding to work with your company.

I have had one of your credit card machines for about two years. I use it infrequently, which means when I encounter a problem – I simply don’t know what to do.

When calling your office, I am greeted with the “most helpful” individuals that I have encountered in a long time. Whether it be the person who answers the phone, an account manager, tech support, or anyone else – the willingness to listen and understand my problem and help resolve it is commendable.

I wish I had the names of those individuals who have helped me, but I don’t. Thank you for providing customers like me with needed support to keep our small business going!!!


Betty A. Sellers

Practical Products, LLC


I just wanted to tell you that the service that you and the rest of the team at 1st National Processing provide is exceptional! Everyone is so pleasant, patient and knowledgeable. And when any on of you has said, “I will get back to you,” you always have. It is nice to be able to count on all of you for my customer needs. Thanks to everyone at 1st National Processing for making doing business together such a pleasure!

Stacey Smith

Smith Marketing & Events

1783 Forest Drive #239

Annapolis, MD 21401

I would like to commend you on your great customer service! The young man i spoke with “Devin” was incredibly helpful and went the distance to try to help our organization. We are Impact Church and use 1st Nat’l Processing equipment and have been for years. We would appreciate your placing in his employment file our appreciation notice In this day of instant and not always satisfactory customer service; this was indeed a person who is an asset to your Company and noticable person of character & integrity! Thank you!


Cheryl Lindhe

North Carolina

17 March 2010


Just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for all your help in getting our account set up with the wireless terminals. We had a good sales year and with the help of the wireless terminals our credit card charges went from ~$60,000 last year to $116,500 this year. Hopefully this helped make up for the great deal you gave us on the wireless machines! I just closed the account but, as promised, I will contact you next October when we are ready to reopen it. All facets of the service that we received for this account have been fantastic – from your initial help to tech support to account customer service. Really a great experience.

I will be in touch next Fall.

Have a great year,
Mark McColl


Mountain Scouts Tree Sale Association

Hi Michael,

After 18 years in IT, I started my own tiny US-based business in 2008, and have tried three merchant providers till date: Chase Paymentech, Intuit and 1NP I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for the outstandingly friendly and responsive support I have experienced in the last 6 months since I moved to 1NP, and in an industry which makes life very difficult for small merchants (Chase and Intuit do not even respond to email), I have kept my fingers crossed and do hope nothing changes!

Thanks very much and best wishes.


Dr. Ramkumar Ramaswamy

Proprietor and Chief Scientist

Audesine USA LLC